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Yellen Speaks


#Fed's Yellen: Fed not behind the curve, gradual hikes 'prudent'.

#Fed's Yellen: Risky, unwise to run economy markedly, persistently hot. Jobless rate close to estimates of long-run level.

#Fed's Yellen: Capital spending to likely strengthen modestly in 2017. Fed has made considerable progress toward its two goals.

#Fed's Yellen: Growth unlikely to pick up markedly in near term. Expects some further strengthening in labor market.

#Fed's Yellen: Cites restraint of weak foreign demand on U.S. economy, Fed is 'closing in' on its 2% inflation target.

#Fed's Yellen: Signs of overheating in broader economy are scarce, unlikely labor market could rapidly overheat.

#Fed's Yellen: Sees inflation rising to 2% over next couple of years, unclear what potential fiscal policy means for outlook.